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Fatbike Mesikämmen

Get to know the wilderness around the zoo on a fatbike! There are easy trails that are under 10 kilometers long near the Ähtäri Zoo, as well as a more challenging nature trail that is a few kilometers long. Along these trails, you can find a lean-to and a Laplander’s hut, as well as hotel-level services.


Flowpark – the best way to enjoy your free time!

Flowpark is an eco-friendly adventure park where you can see if you’ve got the guts. All the adventure routes were built on living trees without harming them. You can complete a variety of tasks up to several dozen meters off the ground. These tasks include rope tracks with, for example, moving paths, rope swing jumps, swings, and zipline glides. Flowpark is for adventurers of all ages – we have fitting challenges for you, whether you are an average Joe or Jill or an experienced outdoors person.


Ähtäri Zoo Golf

Ähtäri Golf’s 18-hole golf course is situated by the beautiful Lake Moksunjärvi, and it offers plenty of challenge and variety to golfers. The so-called old part of the course and its 9 holes were built around the Moksu farm, which has a history and roots that date back to the 1500s. The new part of the course was opened in 2013, and it consists of 9 holes in the surroundings of Ähtäri’s old Mini Finland area, where you get to, for example, putt right in front of the Parliament House. The range, chipping green, and putting practice area guarantee that golfers can practice every part of their game. The club provides golfers with the right kind of relaxed ambience and good service.


Hear the Call of Ähtäri’s Cross-Country Skiing Trails

Ähtäri has a cross-country skiing trail network of around 150 kilometers, 80 km of which is prepared with a Paana PistenBully and suits both cross-country skiing styles. Lit cross-country trails of about 6 kilometers in length can be found at the Mustikkavuori sports center and another 5 kilometers at the Ähtäri tourist center. The profile of the Mustikkavuori cross-country trails is quite demanding at times, but the 5-kilometer-long trail at the tourist center is easy enough even for young children. Both cross-country trails have a lean-to along the route. The smaller village areas nearby also have good cross-country skiing trails. Alastaipale, for example, has a lit 1-kilometer-long trail.

Culture Sites

If culture is what you seek, Ähtäri has a fair share of museums and various exhibitions to offer you like the Museum of Local History, Museums of Shcools of The Past, a Downtonw Culture Route, various memorials, Pirkanpohja Art Center and a toy nostalgy exhibition.


Mesikämmen Hotel Spa

Swim and relax with the family! The Mesikämmen Hotel Spa provides you with: an Olympic-style pool, children’s pool, water massage pool, hot tub, 3 saunas with one reservation-only sauna, cabinet, snack bar that serves mild alcoholic beverages, and a gym (free-of-charge for spa visitors). The swim spa area also has an accessible toilet and shower chairs.

Mustikkavuori Sports Center

The Mustikkavuori Sports Center is located near downtown Ähtäri, along Virtaintie. The sports center includes: an indoor ice rink, shooting range, Finnish baseball field, connections to cross-country ski trails and hiking trails, sauna, and a hole in the ice for swimming, as well as a disc golf park with a 10-hole course for beginners and families and a more challenging 20-hole competition course.


Valkeinen Reindeer Park

In the Valkeinen Reindeer Park, you get a sense of Lapland. There are currently nine reindeer living in the park: Sleigh-pullers Veikka-Kulta and Ville-Galle, student sleigh-pullers Valtti-Hermanni, Väinö-pötkö, Visa, and Viljami, as well as the girls, Vilma and Hilja, and a new 2016 calf called Valhalla. All nine reindeer are domesticated and love lichen, which you can feed to them during your visit to the reindeer park. The whole gang welcomes you to the Reindeer Park and to take a sleigh ride.



See Ähtäri with a Guide

Book a guide for your trip to Ähtäri for a group or for your family. Guides can simply hop on your bus or even into your car, for your convenience!


Trails for Exercise and for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are three different nature and exercise trails in the Ähtäri tourism area near the Ähtäri Zoo and Hotel Mesikämmen. Additionally, you can try orienteering or practice on your own with the free MOBO app for mobile devices. Around 27 kilometers northeast of the Ähtäri town center, you can find the gorgeous Arpainen outdoors area in its natural state.



Pandala Wellness Center

Get a natural bliss through our natural treatments and healthy exercise. Hotel Mesikämmen, nature’s own hotel, now offers various natural treatments and fitness-for-health services.



Hotel Mesikämmen now has a gym, open 9–20. The gym is free to use for hotel guests. For non-guests, the price is €10/session. You can get a key from Hotel Mesikämmen’s reception desk. In addition to standard gym equipment, the gym is equipped with three spin bikes and a virtual spin class option.


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