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Code of Conduct for the Animal Park

Leave your pets at home, please

Our animals might get nervous or agitated when they smell or see a strange animal. Your pet might also have an unexpected reaction to a strange animal.

Do not feed the animals

Each animal follows a specific diet that helps them stay healthy. Overeating is unhealthy, even for animals.

Do not lean against fences or put your fingers inside the enclosures

Animals may consider you an intruder and defend themselves, for example, by biting or kicking.

Do not disturb the animals

Especially the mother animals that recently gave birth like to have some privacy with their young.

Do not collect souvenirs from nautre

If you want a souvenir from the Zoo, visit our gift shop.

Take the time to listen to the nature

Leave all musical instruments at home.

When you publish your photos/videos (on social media), please mention where you took them.

Bicycles, rollerblades and -skates, and skateboards should be left outside the zoo’s gates.

Please put your trash in a bin.

Smoking in the animal park is only permitted in designated areas. Elsewhere in the park, smoking is strictly forbidden!

Smoking areas can be found near Saukkola, Kaakkolampi Cafe, and the white-tailed deer enclosure. Smoking areas are clearly marked and have ashtrays.

Thank you for respecting the nature!

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