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Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Bubo bubo

How do you know you’re in a Eurasian eagle-owl’s territory?

The Eurasian eagle-owl is the largest owl in Europe. This mysterious night-time caller has become more common lately, and Eurasian eagle-owls can be seen quite close to human settlements.

Eurasian eagle-owls leave different signs of their presence in their territory, and you can hear their hoots during sunrise and sunset if you’re in their territory.

Remains of prey animals usually show up on top of rocks and tree stumps in Eurasian eagle-owls’ territories.

If you go under the trees where Eurasian eagle-owls like to sit, you will find balls of undigested hair and bones that have been pressed together in the birds’ gizzards.

You can also find fallen feathers in a Eurasian eagle-owl’s territory.

The Eurasian eagle-owl’s young leave the nest before they learn how to fly. If you run into one of these young, it is best to leave the site immediately. The mother owl may attack in defense of its young.

Conservation status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable. In Finland, the species is classified as “near threatened” (NT).

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