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European Pine Marten

Martes martes

European pine martens usually only hunt at night. When resting during the day, they prefer locations such as a nook in a rock, rock pile, hollow tree, the nest of a bird of prey, or often a squirrel’s nest in a spruce tree with dense branches. Martens move constantly from one location to the next. In rough weather conditions, such as snow storms, they might stay in the same spot for up to two or three days. Once the storm passes, the marten heads back out and to a new place.

Some martens might choose to stay in areas where people have built summer cottages, in which case the marten rests and nests in their ceilings or holes in the ground. European pine martens have been known to get inside a summer cottage or two, which leads to a mess inside the cottage.

Conservation status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable.

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