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Fallow Deer

Dama dama

Extinctions and reintroductions

The fallow deer used to live in Europe’s sparsely-wooded forests during the ice age. To a hunter who moved around on foot, the fallow deer was just right size of prey. Fallow deer in Europe faced extinction after a while. The only fallow deer lived in mountain forests in Turkey and Persia.

Phoenicians reintroduced fallow deer to Europe by bringing them along as sacrificial animals. Romans grew fond of the species, and they bred and transported these animals even all the way to Britain. Later on, the fallow deer became a popular species in royal parks around Europe.

Europeans took fallow deer with them when they sailed to Australia and South- and North America.

Finland’s fallow deer population consists of around 500 animals.

Conservation status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable.

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