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Golden Pheasant

Chrysolophus pictus

The golden pheasant is a gorgeous-looking bird in the Galliformes order and Chrysolophus genus. In the wild, it lives in the mountain regions of Central China. A male golden pheasant is 90–105 cm long, and its tail occupies 60–70 cm of the bird’s total length. Males have a yellow head and back, and their stomach area is red. During mating displays, the male pheasant spreads its orange-and-yellow neck feathers and sings a coarse-sounding mating song. Apart from the mating displays, golden pheasants are very quiet birds. They do not make a lot of sound. The female pheasant’s plumage is brown with black, horizontal stripes.

Conservation Status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable.

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