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Gulo gulo

The wolverine is Europe’s largest animal in the Mustelidae family. As a predator, the wolverine is strong but quite clumsy, so it often takes advantage of carcasses that have been left by larger predators. Wolverines have big paws, so they can walk on snow without sinking better than their prey can. When there is soft snow around, wolverines hunt successfully, and they may kill prey animals then to be eaten later.

Not only in Lapland

Finns often think that wolverines live in Lapland, but nearly half of Finland’s wolverine population can be found farther south in Kainuu, North Karelia, and Suomenselkä. In forest-covered areas, wolverines prefer to den at rock piles found on the slopes of different types of hills. Wolverines have been known to wander all the way to Finland’s southern coast. The wolverine can travel up to 50 kilometers in a day.

Conservation status

LC stands for “least concern.” The species is well-known, and the population is abundant or stable. In Finland, the wolverine is classified as a “critically endangered” animal (CR).

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